The ABC of Safetyicon safety

We believe in the ABC of safety; Attitude, Behaviour and Conditions on Site.AMT places huge emphasis on the need to ensure that everything possible by way of policies, processes and procedures is done to protect our employees; safety is all about us as the broker, acting as an extension of our client’s commitment and jointly creating awareness of safety issues to employees.

Safety also includes the health and well-being of our employees, hence we conduct professional pre and exit medicals and our commitment to assisting employees and clientele should there be a work-related injury is unquestionable. Our responsibilities also include being cognoscente of the fact that workers often have special needs and phobias that affect their performance in the workplace such as epilepsy or a fear of heights.

Safety awareness and responsibility also equates to the workers environment and working conditions, together with the client we strive to ensure that the general environment for the worker is acceptable in terms of housekeeping and overall fair comfort levels are maintained.