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The Benefits of Temporary Employment

In South Africa there has been significant growth of temporary employment services or labour brokers as we are frequently referred to and AMT has seen remarkable growth since it was established in 1987.

There are predominantly two main reasons for our success; the first is that the cost of complying with employment laws in South Africa is high, as are the direct costs associated with administration and management when employing. As demand for project labour fluctuates it does not make sense for the business to permanently employ and incur the costs of fixed IR, HR and Payroll Administration departments.

The second reason is that over the years, AMT have built an enviable database of employees, which can be brought into a client organisation on relatively short notice and deployed to meet client expectations and requirements. When a business or project manager looks to employ permanent staff, acquiring the right skills and going through the traditional employment process associated with advertising processes, negotiations, offers, notice periods etc. takes considerable time; a luxury the project may not be able to afford relative to schedules and demands.

The tripartite relationship between client, AMT and our employees is carefully managed to protect all parties’ rights, with the emphasis being on providing ethical, equitable and sustainable employment for South Africans and International employees.


Contrary to South African Union beliefs, our priority is that all AMT/Employee agreements look after the employee’s needs and well-being, from experience if we view the employee as the most important person in the loop, our clients ultimately see the benefits and reap the rewards.

Reduced Time Wasting and Improved Efficienciesicon recruitment 2

Employers often do not have the correct resource or indeed time to effectively manage and administer the HR responsibilities associated with larger organisation and projects. AMT effectively relieves the employer of such duties and reduces the risk associated with not conforming to HR and employment procedures and legislation in South Africa. For an employer to be entirely comfortable that all protocol and procedures are being followed according to the law, one needs resources and skills often lacking in organisations due to the inherent costs or simply that the skill sets are not readily available. AMT will actively negotiate with unions, bargaining councils, and the CCMA on behalf of our clients giving client management more time to focus upon core duties such as generating revenue.
A broker allows a business to change operational structures easier and quicker, essentially rendering the business or project far more efficient and able to react to operational requirements or market conditions quickly.


Contract Managementicon recruitment 3

3 AMT is extremely particular about employment contract administration, fixed term contracts and the administration of such contracts, if left unmonitored; there is nothing as potentially hazardous to a business. Temporary recruitment via AMT ensures your business and/or project employment strategy complies 100% with South African legislation and labour organisations at all times. One must be able to correctly advise and manage upon any labour dispute fairly, professionally and minimise any potential loss in productivity. AMT increases your bargaining power.

Dynamic Search with AMT’s ‘Cycad’ Systemicon recruitment 4

Our proprietary licensed ‘Cycad’ system houses the largest database of employee data in the industry with over 40,000 active participants and an ever growing number of applicants wishing to register with AMT.

As with any database, it is only as good as the maintenance and frequency of updates it receives. To this end, AMT has a dedicated department of analysts continually updating every single employee’s qualifications and work experience in real time, matching suitable candidates across multiple levels to present to our employers.

‘Cycad’s’ unique dynamic search functionality records every personnel’s track history, performance, KPI’s, remuneration and previous experience along with any extra relevant skill sets or criteria that may be absolutely key to matching an individual to a technical job description.


Professional Background Check Servicesicon recruitment 5

When requested, every candidate is thoroughly scrutinised prior to be being put forward to an employer, panel interviews can be arranged upon request and the AMT Recruitment Department will have conducted a full range of:

  • Reference checks
  • Qualification verification procedures
  • Criminal record investigations
  • Employment history confirmation
  • Vehicle accident history
  • ID and passport verifications
  • Driver’s license and PDP checks
  • Workplace reference sourcing
  • Polygraph tests
  • Sequestration checks
  • ITC checks
  • CCMA awards
  • Other verifications

All of the above information is housed within ‘Cycad’ and is immediately accessible.


Psychometric Evaluations and Reference Checks

Should the employer deem fit, AMT will gladly arrange full psychometric evaluation of the candidates provided that this is in line with legislation and the employer has agreed to our fee structures; fees are only charged on a contingency basis i.e. when the employer is completely satisfied. Please note we do not charge additional fees for screening, interviewing and recruiting.