Permanent Placementsicon recruitment 6

AMT proudly offers professional permanent placement services.
Our proprietary licensed ‘Cycad’ system houses the largest database of employee data in the industry but as with any database, it is only as good as the maintenance and frequency of updates it receives. To this end, AMT has a dedicated department of analysts continually updating every single employee’s qualifications and work experience in real
time, perfectly matching suitable candidates across multiple levels to present to our employers.
‘Cycads’ unique dynamic search functionality records every personnel’s track history, performance, KPI’s, remuneration and previous experience along with any extra relevant skill sets or criteria that may be absolutely key to matching an individual to a technical job description.

Psychometric Evaluations and Reference Checksicon recruitment 5

Should the employer deem fit, AMT will gladly arrange full psychometric evaluation of the candidates provided that this is in line with legislation and the employer has agreed to our fee structures; fees are only charged on a contingency basis i.e. when the employer is completely satisfied. Please note we do not charge additional fees for screening, interviewing and recruiting.

AMT offers industry competitive permanent placement fees. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.

Every candidate is thoroughly scrutinised prior to be being put forward to an employer, panel interviews can be arranged upon request and the AMT Recruitment Department will have conducted a full barrage of:

  • Reference checks
  • Qualification verification procedures
  • Criminal record investigations
  • Employment history confirmation
  • Vehicle accident history
  • ID and passport verifications
  • Driver’s license and PDP checks
  • Workplace reference sourcing
  • Polygraph tests where required
  • Sequestration checks
  • ITC checks
  • CCMA awards
  • Other verifications

All of the above information is housed within ‘Cycad’ and is immediately accessible to our clients.