AMT Payroll Servicesicon payroll

AMT Payroll Services play a critical role in the overall management of your staff, your people are your most important asset, hence salary payments need to be managed with secure and efficient processes.

AMT provides a range of HR and scalable payroll solutions tailored to best suit your company’s requirements and the administrative skill-sets to cover all aspects of employee-related admin affairs. Payroll services is all about maximising efficiencies and reducing risk.

  • Payroll system supported by electronic banking
  • Weekly, fortnightly & monthly payrolls managed by specialised employees
  • Detailed filing system to support all legal requirements
  • Accounting Systems
  • Compliance with G.A.A.P. (General Accepted Accounting Practise)

Payroll Functions

  • The processing of weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls
  • Take on of new employees
  • Set-up of payroll calculation codes
  • Calculation of all deductions, allowances and company contributions
  • Pay employees medical scheme, pension/provident administrators and garnishee orders
  • Deductions of all statutory payments: TAX, UIF and SDL
  • Reconciliation of all payments
  • Submission of monthly PAYE,UIF and SDL (EMP 201)
  • Retention of employees leave history and balances (leave administration)
  • Reconciliation and submission of IRP’5s /IT3’s (EMP 501)-Bi-annually
  • Generation of pay slips in method of choice (Paper or electronic)
  • Monthly reports printed or e-mailed