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Frontline support from any labour broker is absolutely critical, AMT are unashamedly critical of many a competitors handling of personnel on-site and the lack of services they provide, as this is a labour and administratively intensive process. There are costs associated with these on-site services that are frequently balked by brokers attempting to cut costs simply to get the contract signed, but few are able to supply the depth of processing and management that needs to be applied to ensure all personnel are efficient and performing.

The Kick-off Meetingicon onsite 2

First and foremost, AMT undertakes a thorough needs analysis to understand the scope of the project requirements. Establishing specific criteria for the Project Labour Agreement is essential such as:

  • Pay rates
  • Accommodation requirements
  • Allowances
  • Pay structure and overtime exemptions
  • Transportation requirements etc.

AMT in conjunction with the client will determine the pace of the labour intake and momentum necessary to achieve goals within the set time period.

Project rules, which always differ from project to project, are agreed as are the commercial terms of the agreement which are documented, contracted and presented. Thereafter AMT takes up its roll in initiating the recruitment process. See Temporary Employment.


On-Site Managementicon onsite 1

Both Managers and Representatives receive full briefing and training so as to have a complete understanding of the project scope. AMT Managers have dedicated AMT Site Representatives who are on site regularly, as AMT always likes to maintain a high level of on-site visibility and presence.

In terms of IR, the Site Representatives act as the conduit or communication channel between the client and the AMT IR & HR personnel at head office while continuously reporting into their respective managers. AMT Site Representatives are trained to identify potential HR and IR issues early before they escalate when issues are easier to diffuse. The site representative is also responsible for fielding any adhoc recruitment needs, documenting them and feeding them to the AMT HR Division to process and act upon.

Furthermore, the Representative will ensure that all Site Services are delivered, recorded and reported back to the client at regular intervals.

The AMT Area Manager in conjunction with the client will establish Site Representative performance objectives against which he/she will be managed at all times. AMT customers will always be encouraged to complete the customer feedback forms to assess the Site Manager and Representatives overall performance which are fed back to senior management for appraisal.


Area managers are either contracted directly by our clients or can be deployed by AMT

HR/IR Support Servicesicon onsite 1

Both clients, Area Managers and Representatives can call upon the AMT IR/HR Department at any time to assist. With regards to Industrial Relations, all matters are resolved in accordance with legislative procedures with a view to concluding issues quickly and fairly so as not to upset productivity, incur downtime or waste client management time. Should the client have additional recruiting requirements, the AMT Representative will document needs, communicate directly with the recruiting personnel and ensure the correct candidates are sourced and deployed as necessary.

Work Related Injury Servicesicon onsite 3

In the event that an AMT employee suffers a work-related accident AMT works closely with the client’s safety department to minimise downtime and ensure the employee receives professional medical attention. AMT will assist with the transportation of the employee for appropriate consultations and treatments while ensuring that all records/certificates are maintained and sourced. We will process and submit all relevant documentation to the Workman’s Compensation Commissioner (WCA) or the Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Association (FEMA). AMT will also ensure that while any employee is not on-site and is entitled to pay, that wages are paid in accordance with the agreement and legislation.  3