The AMT Human Resource and Industrial Relations Divisionicon irhr 1

AMT is fanatical about producing records, utilising records and storing records to achieve objectives and to maintain a 24/7/365 record of any employees past and present performance. All employee interactions such as disciplinary hearings and their sanctions are gathered by the electronic database and will always be on record for future postings.
Again, the success or failure of any disciplinary

hearing is about understanding labour law, following correct procedures and having the experience to charge the employee correctly and follow through to the desired result. We guide our clientele and their operations through labour legislation processes ensuring compliance at all levels and under all circumstances.
When employers and unions disagree upon a range of issues, be it on salaries, retirement benefits, retrenchments, and other workplace issues, AMT will step in to resolve the matters. Our labour law specialists have broad knowledge of labour law which encompass a range of work related topics; they will handle and advise upon: employment contracts, human resource management, conflict management, labour market dynamics and much more.

HR and IR Services and Trainingicon irhr 2

AMT welcomes companies who are looking to streamline their HR and IR processes even though we may not have a recruitment contract in place; the division works autonomously and is available for contract on a monthly retainer basis or hourly charge-out rate. Our HR/IR clients enjoy professional, telephonic advice on a range of disciplinary issues whereby our team assist with formulating charges, chair hearings and recommend the appropriate sanctions.

AMT will gladly provide professional HR and IR training for groups of up to 12 delegates at a time, in the handling of basic discipline in the workplace, how to follow correct procedures and relevant regulation etc. and at very competitive rates. Again, one does not necessarily have to have a recruitment contract with AMT to take advantage of these facilities.

HR and IR Services include:

  • Supporting and delivering solutions to meet client’s goals and objectives
  • Legal and best practice compliance
  • Fully integrated IR services
  • Opinion, guidance and advice on all labour law issues
  • Telephonic advice at no additional charge
  • Chairpersons for disciplinary hearings
  • Minimising client HR/IR risks
  • HR audits (reviewing policies & contracts)
  • Line manager training